38 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, June 10, 2024

After a slow start to summer blockbuster season, Bad Boys: Ride or Die slapped some life back into theaters this weekend. The latest installment of the long-running Sony franchise exceeded expectations by opening to $56 million domestically and nearly doubling that figure at the international box office. All of which also added an impressive stat to Will Smith’s film career — he’s now led movies to the top spot at the box office in four different decades. 

Meanwhile, Julia Louis-Dreyfus responded to claims from her former co-star Jerry Seinfeld that political correctness is “ruining” comedy. In a new profile with The New York Times, the Veep star referred to that kind of thinking as a “red flag,” and went on to explain that having “an antenna about sensitivities” doesn’t mean “all comedy goes out the window.” More largely, Louis-Dreyfus commended tolerance in comedy and shifted the focus to what she believes is the real enemy to the “creative voice” in comedy: the “consolidation of money and power” in Hollywood.

Louis-Dreyfus and a couple of Bad Boys aren’t the only things starting the week with a jolt — we’ve got some hilarious new tweets too. Today’s funniest ones include those about a weekly 9/11, a romantic night in and that guy Derek.


albs @albertoutspoken 1d She just had to add that rainbow Mom 1:59 PM M What are you up to this weekend? 55 1,160 40.1K 927K


Adam @adamgreattweet-1 1d open the schools! LOVE Fredericksburg 0 L = Arts Downtown = V E = Culinary River = The sculpture almi to absthetically and metaghorically balanced ٠ - natural and man made elements representing history and tradition along with development and cultural change. Artist Forma Stoddant Please enjoy this sculpture with cart Owned and maintained . City и For - internation please - - of - Share your photos on social media with hashtags VII #lovebon #valifred For Your Safety, 38 419 7,735 del 293K


Maung Thuta @CypressDahlia• 1d ... This is what they do to him when he goes to the Scientology center. Не powers the entire building himself. That's why they won't let him go. Sylvian (#1 Skinamarink F... 2d oblivion is a very important movie to the cruise canon because it gave us the tom cruise hamster wheel GIF 36 5,047 84K del 2.1M


chase @_chase 1d having a sister in the medical field is so funny. she's like today i delivered a baby and assisted in a surgery that will fundamentally improve someone's quality of life and i'm like i made a spreadsheet worse than how i i found it 97 6,243 153K 3.4M


Xaniken @Xaniken 1d I'm at the mall and there is a squirrel waterskiing. America truly is the land of opportunity CG 701 25.7K 276K 12.9M


Ennui'd @BradLeeOnBass.5h 18008 CASIO 40 884 9,329 355K


jerry @imjeremiahh.1d adding lol to add to the tension Keem @akmmichs 1d Adding lol to ease the tension 112 20.7K 137K 4.9M


derek guy @dieworkwear 16h ... every j crew catalog in the 90s looked like this 67 544 15.7K 433K


slavic princess @missh8ter.1 1d dating and then breaking up just to reconnect years later and get married just to divorce... welcome back old hollywood Pop Base @PopBase.2d JLo and Ben Affleck are now selling their house as they head towards divorce, TMZ reports. 7 ZZ 318 21.3K 362K 10.8M


@labyerenth.1 1d My face when im happy and having a good time D N L F 23 1,328 16.5K 439K


db @dbessner.17h ... Love grabbing my sweetheart, going to the Uber eats app, and ordering up two normal water bottles and some cake X The Romantic Night In $21.99 Cuddle up close with your sweetheart and we'll deliver the two slices of cake and two drinks for you to share while you binge watch Cake Dynasty! 13 149 3,913 125K


@Whotfismick 1d ... How tight my budget is for the rest of the Fulbu year ease Ensure Th Carry-On Items Fit Within The Space Below ded Garment Bag Size 164 15.6K 85.7K 3.7M


Mike @hammerito.1d The first Irish Catholic ATM chabazite @raisinchoirgirl.3d PLEASE DONT ALLOW ANYONE TO HELP YOU OR BE CLOSE TO YOU Always 9 1,284 17.4K 1.2M


brandocito @brandochii - 1d ... olivia @Obstacleone this edible weak as shit 10:14 PM 9/6/20 Twitter for iPhone 36 Likes olivia @Obstacleone.5h Replying to @Obstacleone i alway S wanted to fuck him O7 4 44 186 4,221 68.4K 2.2M


cam @largemotorcycle 18h My idea for a Bumper sticker LET ME MERGE ORIWILL KILL MYSELF 135 9,061 93.4K 3.1M


Brendy @liquefied_mummy 23h ... This annoying lady that's been trying to take me out finally got me to agree to go somewhere with her because there's a group of ppl going bowling. She picks me up and says she needs to make a quick pit stop. The pit stop in question is dropping into the vet to euthanize her dog. 98 1,090 33.7K 1.2M


Comrade Sisko @Pinko... 18h ... Following @smilingnodding.bsky... seeing a cybertruck in the wild is fun bc only 3000 have been sold so its like oh WOW theres our towns Biggest Dipshit. look at him go! 263 7,787 100K 2.1M


Actual Names @ActualNames1.1d ... 1776 CORPORAL A. DEADMAN 6 FIELD COMPANY 6-2-1947 AGE 50 Lesbo Batman United States Census, 1910 78 3,580 26.5K del 1.2M


Cheapie13 @Cheapie13 1d I had 32 beers last night and I'm scared to look through my phone. I'm just going to factory reset it 50 1,562 27.6K del 1.1M


Jenny Nicholson @JennyENicho... 1d ... I paid for crunchyroll for like a month at some point, just kind of browsed and nothing grabbed me enough to continue. But I remember when I went to cancel the subscription the exit survey asked why and one of the available answers was I don't like anime anymore 126 2,073 83.9K del 1.9M


cole @juul_survivor 1d ... Mixed vodka and tequila last night and Aver then had a dream that I had my leg amputated purely for cosmetic reasons GIF ALT 21 882 36.8K 940K


S @propaganda91.4h ... he grew up Thu, May 11 Hi 6'4 Dom top 6:35 Today Hi 6'5 Dom top 12:32 14 590 16.4K 222K


cabby @cabby 1d phew. thats enough flirting for today hi + 12:13PM hi 12:15PM - Sent 136 9,098 71.4K 1.5M


Ken's EX @DBarbie1Up 1d ... Idk why y'all think it take liquor to make me lose my mind. I'll drink a Dr. Pepper and turn this bitch up 235 11.8K 36.4K 1.8M


Bailey, The Scientist 23h ... 32 @PHaithfulG... 23h June 9th If the bottomless mimosas cost $32, how many you need to drink to get your money's worth????? 61 3,227 13.8K del 906K


bt @b 16h ... sunday night lowkey worse than 9/11 42 4,444 43.1K del 1.7M


Jam @WhooIsJam 1d If my grandmother had wheels she would've been a bike amara @amaracxo.3d made butter chicken but vegetarian:) 158 7,194 119K 4.6M


suri @suricidal. 1d hasn't she been through enough? P4 Tungs Pop Tingz @ThePopTingz. 1d Tom Cruise is reportedly crushing on Angelina Jolie. 33 4,268 99.3K 2.1M


bel @dayatrait.1 17h jskajsj Last summer I was cheating on my bf with someone else (bad I know) and one night, I found MY bf's retainer in their nightstand. Long story short my bf and I realized we were cheating on each other WITH THE + SAME PERSON. Our convo after was so funny we were like welp great 487,6 mil minds think alike I guess. We're engaged now ... X 2798 comentarios Helicopter I love challengers 2 día Responder 22 A mil 5 603 18.9K 257K


bo @TheldlerWheel 15h ... sure who cares at this point charlixcx.com www.charlixcx.com wants to x Know your location Block Allow 8 1,163 38.5K 371K


Thomas Carrieri @Thomas... 20h ... Jayson Tatum got the Hillary Clinton fit. SportsCenter E @Spor... . 21h Jayson Tatum's suit for Game 2 CC 0:10 87 621 16.2K 1.8M


i like food @messedupfoods - 1d ... Excuse me while I put away King Henry VIII's fuckin milk SELL BY OCT 23 1538 116 5,068 100K 3.9M


Tony Roundtree @Tonywithyy 1d When I'm hammered telling the cute ... bartender that no one can pour coors light as well as she can UCLA AMERICA Health Los LICLA Health ANGELES 22 LOS EquiTrust ER ANCELES 6 22 Eqp West MONYAMOONE WHN 14 904 18K 1.4M


Eden Dranger @Eden_Eats . 1d Just bought pre-cut mangoes from Whole Foods like some sort of oil baron. 23 145 3,812 del 108K


stoned cold fox @roastmalone_.2 2h ... having to tell people your social battery is drained feels so embarrassing like sorry I'm really just tired because I spent too much time with people who love me and are fun and now I need to be alone 4 186 1,372 23.4K


Pander Shirts @PanderShirts 1d ... orvillepecks Follow june is NOT pride month. it's the month when people on the internet who have never been in irl lgbt spaces or have irl lgbt friends will be like Igbt people need to STOP sucking and FUCKING during pride parades and then when you go to a parade, instead of seeing the promised sucking and fucking, you get pelted with gay pens from bank of america 20 2,375 21.9K 389K


Twigz @Twigggggggie- 1d ... I'm glad she found a solution to whatever was on her mind because damn Danilo @odedanilo.1 1d how it started. how it's going 22 3,500 50.6K 1.1M


evan loves worf @esjesjesj 1d ... Having extensive brain damage made me understand conservatism FOX NEWS Fox News @FoxNews 1d ehannet John Fetterman tells Maher that near-death experience 'freed' him to speak out, says progressivism 'left me' trib.al/znj9HtV 111 4,352 49.5K 1.3M