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NBA Games Are Gonna Be Weird

Every foul is two shots and a cotton swab jammed into the brain.


It's Past Time For Drew Brees To Understand The Point Of Kneeling

There's a football pun here about fumbles or false starts, but Brees was just outright stupid.


A Real Race Car Driver Got Fired For Cheating ... In A Video Game

Imagine cheating not only to not win but then to get caught because you lost so much less than usual.


Sportwriter Saves The NBA By Figuring Out How To Play Games At Disney World

Goofy doing blow on the sidelines with Jack Nicholson.


Nobody Needs A 10-hour Tom Brady Documentary

Tom Brady played for an organization that's not going to give up anything remotely interesting about this man.


This Extremely Stupid Man Accidentally Saved Thousands Of Lives

Rudy Gobert is the worst kind of hero, but he's the one we're stuck with.


Resuming Sports Right Now Is A Remarkably Dumbass Idea

We must protect Gardner Minshew II at all costs.


NFL Player Earl Thomas And His Brother Are Weird AF

This is going to make for a strange family reunion.


Taiwan Is Hosting Earth's Best (And Only) Baseball Games

Taiwan was rewarded for its handling of this crisis by actually getting their sports back on time, and they're making the most of it.


Inside The Sad World Of NBA Diss Tracks

Dudes are getting dunked on in the recording studio, too.


Group Of Black Women Harassed Off Golf Course For Playing Correctly

If you're complaining about others taking too much time on a golf course, you've gotta reconsider your priorities.


The NCAA Might Be Screwed Due To The G-League

Could the G-League spell the end for NCAA?


The XFL Is (Once Again) Dead



Hit The Nadir? Watch Russian Slap Fighting

Russian Slap Fighting is exactly the type of entertainment we need right now.


No March Madness, Chicken Wings Up The...

Logic dictates that there must also be a wet nap surplus.