38 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, July 8, 2024

When Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg sang about a very special “package” back in 2006, it quickly became one of Saturday Night Live’s most memorable moments. But as iconic as “Dick in a Box” still is today, Samberg has one experience with the song he’d like to forget — so naturally, he shared it on a podcast. 

The comedian appeared on The Lonely Island and Seth Meyers to discuss the viral digital short, and in the process, he opened up about bombing at a live performance of the song. He shared that in 2007, Timberlake invited him to perform the song as a surprise encore during the Madison Square Garden stop on the singer’s FutureSex/LoveShow tour. Unfortunately, when Samberg hit the stage, his in-ear monitors fell out, which meant he couldn’t hear the beat, and so, he started “five octaves higher” than intended. Worse yet, he botched all the “funny choreographed moves.” At least he’ll always have the pitch-perfect digital short to look back on. 

While Samberg has one specific performance he doesn’t want you to see, Nicolas Cage has one that he implores you to seek out. The actor has appeared in critically acclaimed comedies like MoonstruckRaising Arizona and Adaptation, but believe it or not, in his humble opinion, none of those are his singular, must-watch performances. Instead, Cage told The New Yorker that the first movie of his that a new viewer should watch is the 2021 truffle-hunting thriller Pig. The eccentric Coppola family member explained that it’s a movie “people can get something out of” and the “polar opposite” of the high-octane characters he’s portrayed in the past. 

For its part, the timeline has much more than just one tweet worthy of taking in. Today’s funniest include those about a Parisian lunch, the pop singer who is going to be okay and the current Millennial outlook on life.


AARON @lidolmix.7h Y'ALL super SUPER TV @superTV247.22h Simon Cowell's Netflix show which will create the next One Direction finally began auditions this weekend after thousands of promotional campaigns, and only 40 people turned up. 108 4,048 85.1K 2.6M


Sarah scaredbi.bsky.so... 1d ... Showgirls (1995) Dir. Paul Verhoeven cats with pawerful aura 1d Snake 10 619 10.9K 330K


eleanor @dimestorepaglia 1d ... how it feels to call it grass instead of weed 50 2,836 47.6K 1M


Dirmax @JustDirmax. 1d ... Ohunene @nenesimah 47 @Reallest_ Lord take 2 years from my life and add to hers. 17 @DamiTalkss Too far man, wtf 47 @Reallest_ Lord take 2 from this man's life also 672 7,242 94.7K 2.3M


CDOT @cdott600.1d Every Sunday he does this Who the man You da man paw paw Today 2:45 PM They hate me son I can't help it tell them to get there women in 587 3,489 51K 789K


Felon Degeneres @_alyssss... 16h ... yeah, well you look like a gay insect Rooga Cooga @TideorDie... 21h I was browsing on Nike and please tell me what ? comes to mind Nike Windtrack Run 65 8,586 53.1K 1.7M


derek guy @dieworkwear 20h ... this is what some of you look like in your skinny suits CG 0:05 166 725 14.1K 348K


MJ هر @meantomatoes 14h Roommate found my Twitter and searched to see everything I ever said about him and confronted me abt each individual point CG 0:05 From all reaction videos 124 1,021 33.3K 598K


zack @count_ecstasy.20h frogfeld Frogfeld TALE ©JM HENSON PRODUCTIONS INC 27 412 3,662 148K


@canicuIa 1d sugarpup Japanese Walmart you CANNOT do this to me when I am this deliriously exhausted التو Jee 1200* 0 Soft pipi لا butter لاد لايا 1200 31 2,015 12.3K 313K


Degenerate Homosexual Cring... 1d ... Someone in the comments referred to this movie as the gay man's Scarface and the logic is simply flawless. Tim Fitzgerald @tim_fitzge... 2d Film peaked as we know it with Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. CC 2:17 29 3,248 24.4K 911K


Singto Conley @singtoconl... 8h ... middle schoolers used to jailbreak their iPod Touch by themselves now it's if this song isn't on spotify i can't listen to it 107 3,625 36.9K del 743K


undisputed champ of bookmar... 1d ... Wanna know what the current status is on lab grown scallops. Seems like a no brainer. I wanna be able to buy a five pound scallop. Scallop the size of a turkey. 28 157 3,887 del 101K


:( @itsoverkitten.1 1d I need to tell a stranger everything that has happened to me in the past 10 years and ask them if they think my anger is justified or not 118 11.8K 60.1K del 1.7M


thomas @ThomasBeau... 1d ... happy forgiveness day! i pray everyone who has done me wrong to die Pop Base @PopBase. 1d Today is Global Forgiveness Day. 345 86.8K 318K 13.4M


sage501 tbb acolyte era @... 21h ... nobody: your cousin's little white crusty dog named bella: Vader's Order @Vaders... 2d this frame terrified me as a kid 26 2,942 61.1K del 2.2M


molly conger @socialistdogmom 1d ... my dogs don't really like any of the dogs in the neighborhood except this one fat old chihuahua. he lives on the third floor of an apartment building & if their balcony door is open when we walk by, they will stand on the sidewalk & cry for him. who is he. a secret dog celebrity. 17 42 2,074 del 34.3K


sydney @mornings0da 1d Just typed the word we'd've. Real contraction heads won't be fazed by that type of deep cut 383 10.1K 158K 3.6M


Genius Of Lunch @ConorHaloR... . 1d ... Absolutely genius mind... I can only imagine what it's like in his head Jerma 15/06/2020 05:11 - - - - - im gonna be focusing so hard on squidward during the mri 8 Jerma 15/06/2020 05:11 WB - - - - - i i hope they see him 10 27 4,284 78.5K 1.2M


Untitled Colonel Sanders В... 1d ... What a confusing franchise X MAXXXINE Malcolm X BALLISTIC ECKS SEVEE 147 5,337 102K 2.2M


Gotham Chief @GothamChief-20h ... The Batman (2022) Damn, bitch, you live like this? 43 4,620 55.8K 1M


ms.mawmaVEVO @speeeena 22h ... Starting a podcast called What Is Your Raba Job? where I ask people I've know for years what they do for work, actually You can reply to this conversation 22 1,136 21.9K 626K


Nikita Gill @nktgill 1d Just discovered that this whole time when I said Gen Z, my auntie thought | was saying talking about an absolutely unhinged but badass friend I had whose full name was Gennifer. I learned this because she asked me today how is your friend Gennifer Z doing these days? 155 1,924 57.5K


Mcdonald's#1 Wairror unarm... 23h ... nice. You owned me. a disabled kid fromm rural china nd an orphan with no parents and its my first time online 27 1,750 20.3K del 578K


Michael Fry @BigDirtyFry 1d Don't forget CrustTHEYceans I'm Jeff @whosjeffiam 1d The only two genders I recognize LobstHER LobstSIR 37 5,456 69.5K 1.6M


janito @yassnito. 16h this is so girl who is going to be okay coded POP CRAVE @PopCrave. 3d Pop Crave Jennifer Lopez is glowing in new photo. 6 218 5.7K 131K


@caesararum - 1d caesararum, BS, DOGS a woman at the grocery store spent a full minute staring at these trying to figure out if they were normal nutella or some kind of weird variant your clever redesign is someone else's source of stress WERE GO man THE THE that DODIE HER the one ADVENTURER 200 THE - pock I 4. nutella - - = tella nutella !!! 15 nutell nut nutella tella M LOC 60 A 60 60 SPREAS WITH CACTA HAZELNUTS SPREAD BITH CICOA FERRER HAZELNUT SPREAD WITH COCOA FLAVER DONOR NUTSPREAD WITH CICOA FERRERO NETWTOND THE THE FASHIONISTA BESTIE THE ا! Celebrate the one THE


Brizz-Chan (Mr drive) @billybrizzle420 18h My phone just started adding it's manufacturer water mark to all my pictures and I'm sure could fix it but i kinda like it it's like white trash branding Brizz-Chan (Mr drive) @billybrizzle420.21h A garbage Vodka club in a bowling alley in 95 degree weather will fix you PIZZA POINS & POP Galact Samsung Galaxy A14 5G 10 128 6.7K 123K


Maduna @madunasays.6 6h ... ISTILL WORK BUT THE LIGHT IN ME HAS GONE @em_Lazzy1 1d Lazzyyyyyy 21yrs - 35yrs, how is life? 42 5.1K 18K 1.2M


Joe Perticone @JoePerticone 15h Me after taking three hours for lunch A BEGINNING NEW Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson.1 15h If France can do it we can do it. 12 1.6K 21K 991K


amy from wisconsin @amyy_claire 18h no problem. That's a cloud Pastor Alex @PastorAlexLove 1d Atheists if JESUS is not real then please explain this... 1.8K 213 54K 1.7M


Orwell & Goode I $TREN @... 12h ... DEFUND HUMAN RESOURCES Coworker got in trouble yesterday and showed up wearing this today 55 2,303 52.9K 1.8M


@wearevibin - 6h Let's get a table outside Me: 181 6,162 29.5K 991K


ThexyBeatht_ @ThexyBeatht... 1d ... My signature move in parties is to tell people I'm going to grab something from the car and just leave 189 360 4,653 102K


с lleen @cadetcoll 16h Getting older doesn't mean bendering less it means bendering smarter 6 879 6,134 262K


Destyn (Book Editor) @desty... 22h ... if you try to correct my grammar, I will think fewer of you 232 450 4,427 125K


Pandy Fackler @ThatBrenna. 1d I'm often mistaken for an adult because of my age 11 1,516 7,935 202K


hlumzii.xo @kingsee_ya.9h WiLL SANTINO Lazzyyyyyy @em_Lazzy.1d 21yrs - 35yrs, how is life? 37 6,047 24.5K 1.5M