38 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chris Rock is hoping to have another hit on his hands with an animated revival of Everybody Hates Chris. The upcoming Comedy Central series, titled Everybody Still Hates Chris, will see Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold reprise their roles, with Rock serving as the narrator. The original series, which ran from 2005 to 2009, made a star out of Tyler James Williams, but Everybody Still Hates Chris will replace him with young up-and-comer Tim Johnson Jr.

Meanwhile, another famous sitcom family has also been reunited — just not in the way fans wanted. Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson all returned to Modern Family in an ad for WhatsApp. A reunion of sorts has been teased for some time, but fans didn’t expect to hear the Pritchett clan talk about data encryption and photo quality. This is the second televised Modern Family reunion in recent memory, as the cast served as surprise presenters at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier in the year.

Over on the timeline, we love everyone for bringing the funny with some truly remarkable tweets. Today’s funniest include those about a police department trying its best, a pop star gearing up to release a smoke-break anthem and the restrictive diet of vampires.


Giuseppe @theJoeMichaell 13h ... MISS KATY PERRY IS COMING BACK WITH A BANGER Search: katy perry ava max 548 comments X bre If this plays at the club I'm going outside to smoke 4h Reply 288 3 382 9,143 174K


bЯyan @m... 13h ... I found a guy today on Reddit that goes into the loss prevention subreddit and brags about how he is always stealing cheesecakes from Costco. He's the cheesecake joker. Не even tells them how he's doing it 261 5,637 126K 9.3M


Nicholas Mullan @NicholasM...23h ... Sat in the waiting room at the vet and a lady just came walking in and goes oh fuck, I've left the dog at home 283 3,128 55.3K 2M


Jessica @BunnyJugs.22h Believe women LAD LADbible @ladbible.1d She's had to make excuses to her friends and says it 'scares' punters LAD BIBLE PSYCHIC MEDIUM CLAIMS HER NIGHTS OUT GET RUINED BY SPIRITS FORCING HER TO DOWN HER DRINKS 7 1,096 22.2K 947K


Auntie Derek @DerekIsNormal.21h ... Tye Lynea ... 2d I love when they clap loud in church so I can open my bag of chips. 66 1,130 5,855 306K


bl**ne @alphatransfag 20h ... told my very straight italian barber i was going to cape cod. he asked where &i said ptown then he goes i know they have a lot of.. special weeks, do you like to go to one of those? i.... 37 416 23.5K 842K


zoë rose bryant @zoerosebry.... 1d ... me when they said riley had a deep dark secret in inside out 2 ? 93 2,627 55.1K 1.5M


ed @rithsattendant.2 20h Sounds like my Saturday. Just kidding folks have a good one ZVN gnomecliff @Gnomecliff. 1d 12 hours smoked, 4.5 hours rested 63 5,991 91.7K 3.1M


Cranny Boy OFFICIAL @crann... 21h ... Mad max is happening now. I just saw two trucks driving fast down my road. It's happening, 15 803 10.5K 257K


reverend anisha @anishakoka 1d ... when my ex had an issue with the relationship instead of talking to me he would post about it on his finsta that had only one follower (me) 46 136 4,073 228K


Klobb @KLOBB.22h ... Not a fan of how this guy is greasing up his shit Lube Job Silicone Lubricant Lubricates & Protects NGER: Safe on Plastics EMELY OR HARMFUL. ENTS BACK TWT UNDER LABEL 11 PRESSURE. CAREFULLY. FLAMMABLE. NO CFC - 30 22.4K 1,607 769K


Big Butch Bostonian Muscle... 20h ... Losing it at my desk bc I was once again reminded of the Fall River PD logo FALL RIVER WE'LL TRY POLICE 34 421 5,430 196K


oltolin @SAVoltolin 1d Stephanie ... Joe Biden RP Richard Angwin @Richa... 2d What would you throw to him ? 141 3,655 47.7K 748K


No Context Super Mario @Su... 19h ... CAN U HURRY this is what's coming out of my ass right now and you're asking me to hurry 79 3,789 60.6K 2.5M


T-Jenny from the Block @tcare... 1d ... My brother is so insightful 12:31 5GUC < Faris > Palm Springs, CA Have you ever been to Palm Springs Nope Lots of gays 16 143 8,318 300K


lamevampire iwtv spoilers 1d ... being a vampire must be kinda boring cause blood everyday? forever? what if you want something crunchy 1,008 10.6K 112K 2.5M


@rare_cry... 17h ... We shared the same bed every night for years and now I'll never see her again Food Porn @FoodPorn... 22h What's your first thought when you see this pizza? 21 584 11.8K 426K


restless leg syndrome survivor 1d ... Was going to watch One Piece on the train but then hot guy sat next to me so now I have to read an article on the political collapse in France 28 616 12.7K 226K


Tommy Bayer @tommybayerti... 15h ... I wonder how long you could drive in a roundabout before a cop would be like hey you can't do that anymore 410 10.5K 212K del 5M


sophia @pastoralcomical : 16h ... one time i was at a bar and a guy bought me a drink and we were chatting until i noticed his wedding ring and was like your wife? and he said no no no. it means - ... i am married to the arts 3 52 919 35K


NICKSY @_Nicksy 16h And then telling them forget it as if it's their fault I look like that tess @finalgrlcomplex-2 23h Me after begging my friends to take a picture of me all night В B B C B B C live 5 R RADIO RADIO 5 live B B C B В 5 RADIO RA ive live 5 В B B C R RADIO 5 5 live B B C 5 RADIO liv 5 41 2,712 22.8K 1.1M


matt @computer_gay 13h Cult Leader Not Even Charismatic Published June 3, 2024 f SHAREHOL TIN СУber DUNDU 2024 6 247 4,623 66.6K


Cody @AltHistCody-22h Trey the Explainer @Trey_E....1 1d What's a fictional location you desperately want to visit? 310 17K 117K 4.8M


Minerva (Tired) @partydemon...* 22h ... TEAR THE BITCH APART ! MORE PERFECT UNION More Perfect Union @... ...23h BREAKING: The U.S. government is suing Adobe. It's accusing the company of harmi... 108 11.7K 82.6K 2.6M


Mrs. Detective Pikajew, Esq. 11h ALT Political science В.А. @Int... .11h The bribes I took did not influence me to become evil. I was evil from the beginning and the bribes were merely a bonus 21 6,295 61.6K 1.3M


Criminalsimpsons @Crimin... 19h ... KIRK VAN HOUTEN - BORROW A FEELING? 48 769 6,683 208K


Political science В.А. @Intern... 11h ... The only skin to skin contact my newborn will receive is a firm handshake 15 264 4,359 del 112K


Katie Tiedrich @katietiedrich . 1d ... massage therapist asked how I felt about chiropractics and I told her the guy who invented it says he learned it from a ghost and that shut the conversation down pretty quick 163 2,953 57.4K 2.4M


real life wednesday. @_parrisf. 22h ... the question how is work really pisses me off . work is work bro, idk what else you want me to say 127 8,167 36.3K del 1.2M


dj @daisjnk.23h By the time I have a kid strollers gonn need gas 156 4,947 26.1K 936K


Keara Sullivan @superkeara 16h I assumed that checking the Keep me signed in on this device box on the login page would result in ur website actually keeping me signed in on this device but I guess I'm the fucking idiot here huh I guess I'm just a fool 1 163 3,040 35.9K


DANTE @steelydante 1d self titled albums are so funny like can you imagine pulling that shit off in any other medium 269 835 26.1K del 1.1M


i'm so julia @777bun_ny.1 1d ... im scared to apply for jobs because what if they call me 120 7,659 58K 1.2M


andy van slyke @im_all_id 19h ... My fortune cookie had an ad for napster in it. This is hands down the worst time to be alive MONTHS OF FREE M You've unlocked: 3 MONTHS OF FREE MUSIC. Napster. 168 2,032 49.5K 811K


p o p S @Pops_o . 22h ... At George Orwell's grave yesterday an American lady asked us how, if he died in 1940 (not the worst bit of this story), did he write a book in 1984... 474 619 11.3K 882K


ShaneSaw Massaere @FinalDu... 1d ... Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from... Sharp Hand Joe 34 918 6,399 218K


lea chin-sang @bigfatmoosep... 10h ... do u think the Bear in the Big Blue House needed to have roommates to afford the place or do you think he was their landlord 9 66 786 23.8K


concussed transsexual @north... . 1h ... the answer to this was the funniest one possible btw Today's Visit You were seen by Diagnosis Concussion ALT concussed transsexual @... . 2d lately i've been having multiple dreams about going full furry mode and buying a fursuit and everything and i'm not sure what that says abo... 18 222 3,188 59.2K